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    This site is for domainers with 1 or 10,000 domains to advertise them for sale. Also the site is a useful resource to find out more about domaining and buying and selling websites. Take a look around and our email is at the bottom right of the screen if you need to contact us about anything.

    What visitors can do
    1) Visitors are allowed to browse the domain database freely. But as a visitor you are not be able to bid or post domains for sale.
    2) Another browsing function that will make things easier for visitors to find a domains, is the search function. It will search our database and present your with the results along with the price of the domain and how many bids have previously been made

    What members can do
    1) Members are allowed to post domains for sale. Submissions may require admin approval before they appear to the public or in your user control panel.
    2) Members have the option to accept bids made by any other members.
    3) Members have their own userCP (user control panel) where they can find out who is bidding on their domains and how much. If members accept an offer, the bidder will receive a confirmation email as a notification that his or her bid is accepted.
    4) Members can choose to delete their domain listing from being shown only if there are no bidders (or by contacting the site admin through the link at the bottom).

    * * * When bidding on domain names please note the following * * *
    1. Your username and bid amount will be made public (however your email is kept private). Therefore, if you want your identity to be hidden please don't use your full name as your username
    2. Your bid/offer is binding for 7 days
    3. Even if you bid the asking price of a domain or website, you understand that circumstances may have changed for the seller since they made the listing. Sellers have the right to reject any bids.

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